Barbara (Leach) Mair

Amazingly the family of Barbara Ellen Clincket (Leach) Mair continues to expand, connecting again with long lost family.  This time reuniting with her cousin Mary who Barbara had not seen since 1929....that's 82 years ago!   Barbara sums it up perfectly in her e-mail....


"Well !  What next?  Not only your own study but now you have inspired many,many others.

      Thank you for forwarding my email address to Mary Horswood who contacted you for help. Mary phoned me and yes, we are cousins. The last time we met was in 1929 in the UK but apparently we corresponded as children till the war.    Mary is even more excited than I am with our new finds as she has been looking for me for sometime. So Cliff once again,many thanks for all your research, work and perseverance.   Bless you.            Mary is coming down south next summer so we shall be meeting up again.    Am learning more about my family!!.....both sides of the big pond.     Carolyn is just as excited, as is my eldest grandson (a Mair) ,who is into computers.    Well ! What next?
        Best wishes to you and Donna         Barbara ( E C Leach)Mair"
Barbara says it best....Well ! What next?


Paul Foster
# Paul Foster 2011-11-29 11:50
Dear Cliff: Congrats on your latest role as Father Christmas. What a wonderful gift you have given these two ladies and your timing is 'spot on'.

I feel I can take some small credit for all your successes by 'introducing' you to Barbados and our part of the Foster/Gittens family. But your many similar successful contacts have left me far behind and you continue to 'blaze a trail' of family assistance. My warm congratulations.

By a happy coincidence tomorrow November 30th is our 45th anniversary of our Independence from Great Britain. It is a Public Holiday !

Check your Box above " URI " . I guess you mean URL - I am barely literate on a computer. You can correct me if required.

Love to Donna. Paul (Foster) - to I/D me to your two ladies
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# cliff 2011-11-29 14:28
Dear Paul,

You can certainly take more than a small credit for the expansion of my interest in our family history. Without your generous help and introductions, to an almost countless number of people, it would not have been possible. I will be forever grateful. I am still fully engaged in our family history research and enjoying every minute of it.

Regarding your observation about the box with URI in it. After a bit of research I discovered there is a thing called a URI. It is quite similar to a URL, but I am not sure what the precise differences are between URI and URL. So, I have changed the URI box to URL box. I would have rather eliminated the box entirely, but I can't figure out how to accomplish that.

Enjoy the Independence Day celebrations!

Warmest regards,

Cliff and Donna
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