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This site is bursting with information on your Gittens ancestors with a focus on those in Barbados and the United States.

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Welcome to the Gittens One-name Study

The purpose of the One-name Study is the collection of data on the Gittens surname on a world wide basis. Its aim is to research the genealogy and family history of all persons with a given surname and its linked variants, in an effort to identify the origin of the surname and to trace it's world wide migration.

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What is a One-name Study?


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Gittens One-name Study

The focus of the One-name Study will be the collection of data on the Gittens surname on a world wide basis.


The Gittens Surnameorigin


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How did the Surname Originate?

Two theories, first could be patronymic in origin, being one of those surnames based on the first name of a father. Second, could be local in origin, being derived from the place where a man once lived or held land.


The Gittens Family of Barbados

in the beginning

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John Gittens arrived in Barbados Circa 1645

John Gittens and his wife Mabel were the first Gittens family to have children baptized in Barbados. It is likely that there were 8 children fathered by John Gittens.


Barbados Quakers and the Gittens Family

early history

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Barbados Quakers - Early History

Gittens vault located in the Quakers Burial Grounds in Saint Philip, Barbados, circa 1670.


Some very exciting news.

There are now three sets of DNA testing on the site for people with the Gittens surname. I had my DNA tested as did David Errol Wyndham Gittens and a Joseph Gittens. The purpose of the DNA testing is to determine if individuals share common ancestors, and if so, how long ago as measured in generations.


The DNA testing results have provided some very useful information which has provided a further validation of the genealogy research that has be done on the Gittens family of Barbados.

DNA testing results estimate that David and I are likely to have had a common ancestor about 13 generations ago. To my excitement the genealogy research shows that David and I had a common ancestor 11 Generations ago, very close in time to the DNA estimates. Our common ancestor was John Gittens Sr., who married Mabel. John and Mabel were the first Gittens family to arrive in Barbados in about 1645. I am descended through John Gittens Jr., and David is descended through Isaak Gittens, both were sons of John Gittens Sr., and Mabel.

Unfortunately, the facts surrounding Joseph Gittens are not quite so clear. The DNA testing estimates that Joseph and I share a common ancestor approximately 14 generations ago. However, as yet Joseph and his ancestors have not been linked to the genealogy research that I have done. There is a chance that Joseph may be descended from another one of John Gittens' Sr. sons.

If anyone one else is interested in doing the DNA testing you can get further information at the Family Tree DNA site at The greater the number of markers tested the greater the chance of finding matches.

Cliff Gittens


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